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Indiana University enjoys a rich history dating back to 1820. IU has since gained world-renowned recognition as an institution of higher education and a dominant force in collegiate athletics. This tradition has led to the development of a loyal alumni, student and fan base worldwide.

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The IU licensing program serves the University by promoting and protecting its name, marks, colors, and identifying properties, while ensuring they are represented in a manner consistent with the values and mission of Indiana University.



The licensing program is designed to create a cooperative relationship with Licensees, and provide a market for officially licensed products of Indiana University.

By working together, the value of Indiana University marks can be enjoyed now and enhanced for the future.



The program protects the University by ensuring consistent representation of IU trademarks, and addressing misuse

Protecting the quality and integrity of University marks generates revenue that is disbursed to scholarship funds within the University. Since the inception of the Indiana University licensing program, millions of dollars have been generated for University scholarships.